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The lightest hammock in the world.

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9 x 4ft



* Includes Bent Wire Carabiners

* Triple-stitched seams

* Fabric: Ripstop nylon

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Yes, you’re reading it right: Grand Trunk’s Nano-7 Backpacking Hammock weighs a mere seven ounces and stuffs into a tiny ball for easy packing absolutely anywhere.

It makes it completely unnecessary to pack a tent and sleeping pad on your next backpacking trip, whether you’re spending weeks trekking around Central America or hiking the Northern Cali coast in the summer.

And there’s no need to save the Nano-7 Hammock for major treks only—have you considered how pleasant it would be to pull a full- sized hammock out of your purse or messenger bag and hang it at the next outdoor concert at the park? … Because we did.

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Love it! Review by Packer
I love this thing. It is all I sleep on when packing and it's all I take so I just gotta find the right trees, so far no problems in Pac NW. With the right hang it is almost flat and very comfy, it's all in how you hang it and that could be somewhat different for everyone. The light weight is major to me, love to go light and this is. I fit a couple 10' nylon tie-down straps in the pouch and that's my whole sleep rig, takes up no more space in my pack than my drinking cup. Really can't say enough good things about this hammock I really do enjoy it and won't ever be a groundling again as long as I have this. Tip: To keep it light for insulation (I use a light, thin bag) I use a small, light fleece blanket (thanks United!) in my bag to lay on and I'm warm in wind and chilly nights down to 40s. Sitting sideways does make for a very nice chair as well. Great hammock. (Posted on 9/26/12)
Great Choice Review by BackPackHiker
I received the Grand Trunk Nano 7 about 6 months ago and I have been using it probably every day. This hammock is so small; you can carry it in your pocket. If you are a girl or own a murse (man purse) you can pop this little guy in there and be ready to relax anywhere you go. I take this hammock to the beach, set it up on my deck, my kids play in it, I take it backpacking, kayaking fishing, it can basically go anywhere you go. Everywhere I set it up everyone wants to use it. It is really spacious as well; you can sleep on your side, fetal position and on your back. If you sit in the middle it acts like a chair and you can use it around the camp fire.
I have been reviewing multiple hammocks from the Jacks R Better Bear Mountain Bridge hammock, Warbonnet Blackbird and the DD Travel hammock. Even when I am going for an overnighter I take this guy along to set up around camp for when we are just relaxing.
There aren’t too many hammocks out there that will compare to the Nano 7 in regards to its weight, comfort and size. Another thing to mention is the quality of the craftsmanship. With some companies you can purchase a hammock and find that there are loose threads all of the hammock, this is not an issue with the Nano 7 as it is finished to perfection. I would encourage anyone to purchase this product as you would not be disappointed. I can’t wait to jump into another Grand Trunk product!
For video reviews on this product check out my youtube page, they will be posted by the end of the month at http://www.youtube.com/user/BackPackHiker (Posted on 5/28/12)

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