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Travel Pillow- Hooded


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Attached Stowable Hood with Drawstring.

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Shell: Fleece
Lining: Memory Foam

11” X 12” x 9”



* Attached Stowable Hood w/ Drawstring

* Adjustable Cordlock at Chin

* Washable Cover

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The worst thing about a long plane, train or bus ride is being awake for it all, especially when you know you're in for a several-hour-long flight and you don't have the window seat. Don't battle with boredom and try to keep your eyes open - just pull out your secret weapon: the Hooded Travel Pillow. Since it’s made of soft memory foam covered with fuzzy, warm micro-fleece, your neck and chin can assume proper snooze position while staying warm and cozy. Then, just pull out the stowable hood to cover your face for some primo shut-eye. This is a must-have travel accessory for anyone with a far-off destination.

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