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All Terrain Hybrid Shelter


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The most versatile Grand Trunk product.

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10' x 6'



* Take off loops:  8 reinforced take off loops

* 210T-PU coated 500 waterproof material

* Attached Stuff Sack

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If you were stuck in the wilderness with only one piece of gear, what would it be? If that one item were the All-in-One All-Terrain Hybrid Shelter, you’d be doing pretty well.

This lightweight waterproof shelter can function in limitless ways—it can be hung as a sleeping hammock (with enough extra material to fold over you as a roof), or you can make an A-frame shelter with a couple of trekking poles. Or make a lean-to, a tent footprint, a sun shade, an emergency bevy, or a rain fly. (We haven’t tried turning it into a kite, but let us know how that goes.)

Weighing in at just over a pound, this shelter is a smart bet for practical, fast-and-light travel. It makes sense that the All-In-One Shelter is frequently rated as a must- have travel accessory.

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GREAT!!!!!! Review by TonyBob
Amazing first impression will be using it as much as possible. One thing that will always be in my pack. Great for my ultra light backpacking set up. I love the multiple uses there are for it. Will be taking it on every Bouldering, camping, backpacking trip! (Posted on 12/28/12)
Loved it!!! Review by Rouge
I spent 8 months of my life over a span of 2 years in this Hammock and I loved it. it worked great as a tarp also. I was very sad when it rip, but it gave me many hours of great sleep before it died.if you want a Hammock that can do anything this is the one to get. (Posted on 4/14/12)
Great Multi-Use Item!! Review by Bill
I've used mine as a hammock, tarp, rain-fly and a practice lean-to. Everything work great and this items is VERY waterproof as well. Highly recommended piece of gear!! (Posted on 10/26/11)

3 Item(s)

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